This taught undergraduate course provides sound understanding of Remote Sensing (RS) including principles of electromagnetic radiation and the various laws that govern it. Photogeological and satellite image interpretation and analysis.

This course introduces the student to geological mapping techniques by having them learn how to describe map sections and outcrops. Students are first taken through the stratigraphy of the Cape Fold Belt and taught the techniques of orientation in the field using the compass and GPS as well as using the compass to measure the orientation of beds; strike and dip measurement. The six days field school covers outcropping rocks at Seapoint, Kloofnek and Table Mountain in Cape Town followed by a 2 day mapping exercise in McGregor.

This course introduces the student to the fundamental principles of earth science based geochemistry and geochemical concepts. The identification of minerals, based on their physical properties, particularly optically using a transmitted light microscope, is taught. The description of sedimentary rocks and their textures along with the basic principles and processes of sediment deposition and depositional environments are developed.

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