The Department of Earth Sciences at UWC offers challenging opportunities in the nationally strategic areas of natural resources combining the disciplines of Applied Geology and Environmental and Water Sciences. These rapidly expanding programmes have established an international profile through teaching and research. Our research aim as a department is to study fundamental processes, and to investigate linkage between different components of the Earth System (Solid Earth, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Atmosphere). The range of research topics covered within the Department and in collaboration with other research institutes and universities is very broad, and reflects the diversity in the research interests of the staff.

Geoskills Online Academic Programmes is built using the Free and Open Source Software, Moodle, which is a flexible, user-friendly, software package for online course development and management. It is a supplement to face-to-face lectures that will improve the learning experience for all students - especially those who want to learn at their own pace and those who have a visual learning style.

With only basic computer skills you can:

  • Put your course handouts and reading lists in Moodle
  • Put your course calendar in Moodle
  • Administer and mark MCQs, Short Answer Questions and see the results in seconds
  • Have on-line discussions, Blogs and Journal
  • Get students to send you their word processed assignments
  • Create self-assessment tests for students
With a little training you can:
  • Enhance your face-to-face lectures with supplemental course content - including text and graphics, and also multimedia elements like video, audio and animated inserts
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